Pacific Pros Consultants, Inc. (dba, Pacific Pros), is a privately-owned project and construction management company providing a full spectrum of project/construction management (PM/CM), engineering, inspection and related engineering construction support services to public agencies and private clients, including Federal Government, Caltrans, transportation authorities, counties, cities, airports, seaports, educational institutions, and private developers and owners. Pacific Pros focuses on bridges, structures, public works, highways, rail, transit, buildings, facilities, hospitality, and utilities.

Pacific Pros’ portfolio of project experience includes projects both Southern California and the Bay Area in 17 counties, spanning from large infrastructure projects such as the $1.5 Billion Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement project (the International Gateway Bridge) in Long Beach and the I-10 Corridor Phase 1, the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge Retrofit, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Retrofit, to a wide range of smaller projects that include bridge deck maintenance and rehabilitation for about 70 bridges, rock slope protection (RSP), scour mitigation, well construction, foundation retrofit with new piles, roadway construction, building demolition, inspection and assessment of existing structures, independent design review, structural design, and forensic engineering. Pacific Pros is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.


Client Satisfaction  The strength of Pacific Pros’ leadership is built upon serving Pacific Pros’ clients and meeting the commitments to the clients and colleagues.  Pacific Pros is focused on achieving quality in performance, communication, comportment, competence, and project deliverables using the cutting-edge knowledge and technology to offer the best service to Pacific Pros’ clients! Client prosperity is Pacific Pros’ priority.

Professionalism – Pacific Pros conducts its affairs in the best interest of the clients with rigorous standards that care for client concerns.  Pacific Pros has established trust through transparency, sincerity, integrity, efficient communication, and technical expertise.  Pacific Pros values competency in the performance of the firm services and integrity in the rendered opinions and advice.  In the spirit of partnership and teamwork, Pacific Pros’ values collaborative effort consisting of individual participation, open communication, mutual respect and shared success.

Excellence – The project team structure is centered on the Project Manager (PM) who is the primary point of contact with the client and is responsible for managing the performance of the project team. The PM reviews every critical aspect of assigned projects including detailed review of documents and budget tracking. The PM is fully authorized to administer every aspect of the contract. The Pacific Pros corporate organization, including technical staff, administrative services, financial services, and human resources serves to support the PM to effectively manage the projects.  Pacific Pros invests in its people, their accumulation of knowledge, technology, and leadership skills that enables Pacific Pros to offer an exceptional service to make the client succeed.