Oil Field Operations Coordinator

Pacific Pros is seeking experienced Oil Field Operations Coordinator to be a representative for public agencies with extensive port expertise.

Region: Long Beach, CA

Opening: Immediate

Primary Responsibilities

The primary duties are

  • The position is for a professional having expertise in the management of the oil fields day-to-day operations, providing guidance and support for compliance with the existing Memorandum of Understanding and Oil Field Project Protocols (MOU-OPP), developing a cost tracking system to reconcile invoices for completed work pre-paid through funding advances, estimating the net present value of active production wells, determining feasible locations for re-drilling wells, reviewing pipeline and other horizontal infrastructure plans, and providing support to the Port staff on project-specific issues
  • Prepare work as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Port and Oil Contractors
  • Project administration, management, and coordination
  • Coordinate with the Long Beach Energy Resources/Long Beach Utilities (LBER/LBU) related to capital program oil field operations in the Harbor District
  • Assist the Port of Long Beach with Quality Assurance/Quality Control of the oil field modification designs required to accommodate the Port improvement projects
  • Assist in completing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Oil Field Project Protocols (OPP) oil roles and responsibilities documentation
  • Respond to questions from Real Estate Division (RED)/Survey Division (SD) on justifications for changes to Oil Operating Agreements (OAAs)
  • Support the Real Estate Division in the preparation of Board Memos needed to take cleanup resolution to the Board
  • Attend Board of Harbor Commissioners (BHC) meeting on cleanup resolution
  • Assist the all Port divisions in the application of the recently executed MOU-OPP
  • Support oil field coordination for strategic-level land use planning
  • Coordinate internally work related to oil well/infrastructure (could be either Oil Operating Areas (OOA) or Oil Working Area (OWA)) abandonments in line with long-term land use planning and development
  • Review existing and proposed Capital Projects for alignment with the Port’s Strategic Plan and Long Range Development Plan (LRDP)
  • Review active/idle oil well production decline curves to assist with timing of land development
  • Perform cost benefit analysis of land development of oil field OOA/OWA – strategy and key areas of development
  • Assist with developing and updating Harbor Department OOA/OWA maps/drawings to guide strategic long-term land use planning and development
  • Assist to facilitate annual review of oil maps in collaboration with LBER, RED, PMD, SD, TSD, etc.
  • Coordinate with LBERD/LBU on timing of the oil field sunset date (2045)
  • Determine the location of preferred areas of land development and oil well/infrastructure abandonment
  • Review LBER plan for post-production water injection locations for subsidence (estimated end of 2055)
  • Review LBER/LBU oil field infrastructure abandonment plan after water injections subsidence control is completed
  • Assisting in the production of project specific MOU’s and/or utility agreements

Required Qualifications

  • US Employment Authorization without needing sponsorship
  • A Bachelor’s Degree (or Higher) in engineering, business, environmental science, accounting or related field
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in reviewing and interpreting oil field contracts and operating agreements to support construction projects in the oil field areas
  • A valid Driver’s License and compliance with Pacific Pros’ Vehicle Policy
  • Knowledge of both vertical and horizontal components of oil field operations
  • Understanding of the Port operations
  • Ability and responsiveness to attend Port of Long Beach (PoLB)/Oil meetings, occasionally on short notice
  • Ability to present to PoLB Senior Management and Board of Commissioners, translating technical information into clear and concise summaries
  • Ability to review and comment on civil engineering documents that may impact oil field operations
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Capable to work with common Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and Outlook) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files)
  • Advanced use of Excel knowledge including complex formulas
  • Pre-employment drug test. Also, subject to drug and alcohol testing during the course of employment in accordance with Pacific Pros’ Drug, Alcohol and Illegal Items Policy
  • References from Clients (Public Agency Representatives)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Registration as a professional Petroleum Engineer in the State of California, is preferred.
  • Certification as PMP, LEED AP, or ENV-SP is preferred


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How to Apply

If you are interested in this position with Pacific Pros, please feel free to email your resume and a cover letter to [email protected]