Structure Construction Inspector

PACIFIC is seeking Structure Construction Inspectors in California. The primary projects are highway bridges on Caltrans Right of Way.

Region: In California. Discuss the specific location of the project with the Hiring Manager as PACIFIC has contracts all across California.

Status: Full-time

Specific Requirements

Due to competitive selection process previous experience with DOT/Caltrans bridge projects and previous experience in inspecting bridge elements is essential. Candidates must have 2-3 strong references from public agency employees.

Primary Responsibilities

The primary duties of a Structure Construction Inspector are

  • Assist Structure Representative for various bridge construction activities and representing the clients to serve in QA, Quality Validation, or IQA roles.
  • Perform daily field bridge inspection to ensure compliance with approved plans and specifications
  • Prepare daily inspection reports based on the on-site construction activities
  • Read and interpret plans, specifications and other construction document
  • Review submittals including shop drawings, product data, test samples, construction work plans
  • Ensure approved materials are received and correctly incorporated into the project.
  • Monitor, coordinate and enforce construction compliance with contract documents, safety regulations and environmental documents
  • Identify non-compliant work and take appropriate action to bring it back into compliance
  • Immediately report critical issues and/or possible delays to supervisor
  • Monitor and document all construction equipment, personnel and activities.
  • Assist Structure Representative and Resident Engineer with documenting the project progress.
  • Perform calculations from the plans verifying location, layout, line and grade of various elements, and quantities
  • Respond to Contractor’s Request for Information (RFI)
  • Ensure all changes and/or modifications are noted on the as-built plans
  • Facilitate safety meetings and other team meetings
  • Communicate and coordinate effectively with various contractors, entities, clients, and regulatory agencies, e.g., sampling and testing of construction materials, construction staking and surveying
  • Perform constructability review of contract design plans

Required Qualifications

  • Some inspection positions require a 2-year pre-engineered college degree, specially when assignment is for Caltrans projects as a Transportation Engineering Technician (TET). Not all contracts have such requirement.
  • US Employment Authorization without needing sponsorship
  • OSHA 10
  • A valid Driver’s License and compliance with PACIFIC’s Vehicle Policy
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Flexibility to work alternative shifts including weekends and nights
  • Effective with personal time management and multi-tasking
  • Ability to work in outdoor field construction sites, and office include sitting for periods of time.
  • Have general knowledge of code requirements
  • Knowledge of industry safety practices and OSHA safety regulations
  • Ability to write reports and memos
  • Capable to work with common Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel and Outlook) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files)
  • Pre-employment drug test. Also, subject to drug and alcohol testing during the course of employment in accordance with PACIFIC’s Drug, Alcohol and Illegal Items Policy
  • If assigned as a source inspector, willingness to travel since fabrication sites, suppliers and testing laboratories might be out of town
  • If assigned as a structure construction inspector, familiar with Caltrans manuals/standards and actual experience with inspecting bridge elements such as falsework, CIP box girder (soffit/stem and deck), columns and CIDH piles.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience working with projects on Caltrans Right-of-Way
  • Professional certifications for inspection ACI Field Testing Grade I, ICC Certifications or CWI.
  • Professional certifications by recognized inspection agencies (ICC, Caltrans) for applicable CTMs, ASTMs and/or ACI procedures and take samples and perform field-controlled tests of construction materials for quality assurance
  • Experience in structure construction inspection of Public Works or Industrial facilities, serving as Structure Construction QA Inspector, or equivalent
  • Caltrans METS experience
  • A Bachelor’s Degree (or Higher) in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Structural Engineering or relevant majors.
  • Engineer in Training (EIT)
  • Ability to use the common Caltrans bridge construction manuals: Construction Manual, Prestress Manual, Falsework Manual, and Foundation Manual.
  • Willingness to learn new construction technologies
  • Design Build experience


PACIFIC is a privately-owned company specializing in construction engineering, inspection and project management in public works, focusing on heavy civil construction and transportation projects. PACIFIC offers competitive salary and benefits, including Paid Time Off (PTO), paid holidays, medical, dental and various perks. PACIFIC policies, procedures and culture are in line with PACIFIC core values: client focus, excellence and professionalism. PACIFIC gives a high priority to employees’ safety and training.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position with PACIFIC, please feel free to email your resume/cover letter to [email protected]