Materials Engineering

Quality People – PACIFIC believes that qualified personnel are the primary asset of the firm to perform quality assurance and materials engineering.  Therefore, all the employees and contractors are selected among the best technical professionals with many years of experience and extensive training in the company as well as other reputable firms in the industry. PACIFIC engages its professional staff in continuing education, and safety training.  PACIFIC’s diversified personnel, backed by certified independent testing laboratories, provide an inspection and testing program for all project requirements.

Engineers – PACIFIC’s philosophy is to support the technical field personnel with professional engineers who provide the clients’ with a broad variety of expert knowledge, advanced capabilities, excellent interpersonal skills, and outstanding service.  Structural Materials Representatives (SMR) who are registered professional engineers in the state of California manage the quality assurance for the projects.

Inspectors – PACIFIC’s inspectors handle the quality assurance inspection, sampling, tagging, and releasing of construction materials.  PACIFIC inspection personnel have extensive knowledge of materials, ASTM/CTM procedures, specifications of Caltrans and other agency, as well as California Building Code.  Multiple field professionals maintain Special Inspector Certifications issued by ICC that are required by many local building jurisdictions to perform special inspections per the California Building Code.  PACIFIC has relationship with approved laboratories for performing special inspection and materials testing on California public school construction projects.

Members of our technical staff (inspection, testing, and dispatch) work under the supervision of Professional Engineers and are certified in various disciplines by the following agencies:

  • American Welding Society, AWS (CWI Certification)
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing, ASNT (NDT Technicians Levels II & III)
  • Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute, PCI (PCI Levels I, II & III Certification)
  • American Concrete Institute, ACI (ACI Field Technician – Grade I Certification)
  • International Code Council, ICC (ICC Certification)

Solutions and Services – PACIFIC can present out-of-the box solutions to clients who would like to comply with Caltrans requirements, maintain high quality and save costs.  PACIFIC leadership has experience with non-Caltrans projects and can tune the quality assurance to client needs.

PACIFIC provides Specialty Inspection and Materials Testing services for various construction materials including:

Welded Structures (NDT)Epoxy Coated Bars
Mechanical SplicesPre-stressing Strands
High-Strength Structural FastenersElastomeric Bearings
Anchor Rods, Nuts and WashersPaint, Sealant & Curing Compounds

Below are the most common structural materials inspected:

Precast ConcreteWelded SteelSpecialty
GirdersSteel GirdersTieback Anchorages
PilesSteel Pipe PilesEpoxy Coated Rebar
MSE PanelsOverhead Welded Sign StructuresCoating of Steel Elastomeric
& PTFE Bridge Bearings
Deck PanelsMounted Welded Sign StructuresWelded Rebar Hoops
Box CulvertsSignal and Lighting PolesMechanical Couplers
Pre-stressing Strand

Testing Laboratories – PACIFIC coordinates the material testing through certified testing labs in California and on a need basis to other states.