Training | Cutting Edge Knowledge

PACIFIC can provide your staff or team with onsite training. PACIFIC’s staff has many years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of construction. Here are a few of the areas that PACIFIC can provide training to the construction community:

  • Inspection Certification  Training inspectors and engineers to get inspection certification such as PCI Level I, PCI Level II, and CWI.
  • Field Inspection Training inspectors and engineers for on-site field inspection.  The field inspection training is mostly focused on cast-in-place concrete inspection (e.g., CIDH piles, bridge columns, barrier walls), reinforcing steel (e.g., rebar cage surveying, line and grade, clearances), and welding inspection.  Hands-on experience will be shared by seasoned instructors.
  • Source Inspection – Training inspectors and engineers for source inspection of structural materials as well as nonstructural elements such as epoxy-coated rebars .  The source inspection training is focused on the inspection of prefabricated steel structures as well as precast/pre-stressed concrete structural elements.  The training will be offered by specialists with Caltrans experience.
  • Materials Engineering – Training Structural Materials Representatives for Caltrans requirements.
  • Traffic Control | COZEEP – Training Quality Assurance Personnel for Design-Build Projects to become familiar with Caltrans traffic control requirements.
  • Structural Design and Evaluation – Training with the cutting edge knowledge and codes to colleague engineers as invited speakers to reputable professional societies such as ASCE, SEAOC.  The trainers have taught graduate design courses at reputable universities including CSULB.

Contact PACIFIC at [email protected] for training sessions and registration.