Structural Design | Retrofit

Based on the extensive technical and professional experience of the firm’s leadership in design and retrofit, PACIFIC is able to produce construction drawings for a wide variety of projects and structures from conceptual design through construction administration. PACIFIC has thorough understanding of typical design phases, project delivery methods and what level of information and effort they typically include. For each phase of the design a document package including drawings and engineering calculations is provided to the client to indicate the design progress.  PACIFIC staff has experience with many international, national and local codes, and has worked with numerous jurisdictions in the United States.  In summary PACIFIC design services include:

  • Structural design for various structures
  • Tenant Improvement (TI) / Structural design of nonstructural components and their anchorage
  • Independent peer review or structural audit
  • Plan check
  • Performance-based seismic design
  • Structural design for temporary structures
  • Value engineering

PACIFIC is able to provide full engineering and design solutions to the clients using the state of the art analysis, design and drafting applications. PACIFIC staff is quite savvy with VBA and Microsoft EXCEL.

PACIFIC has extensive experience in performance based design and nonlinear analysis of buildings and bridges.  Such analyses have been performed from supertallest skyscrapers all the way to lunch shelters of schools in very high seismic zones.

PACIFIC has experience with international projects in most parts of the world and is knowledgeable about international building codes including Korea, India, Iran, Taiwan, UK, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Canada.

In addition to drafting (AutoCAD) services, PACIFIC specializes in Building Information Modeling in developing the engineering models, drafting drawings, and detailing. The firm can also develop models in TEKLA to assist the client and contractors for more efficient process.

As a firm’s policy, every project is reviewed by an independent professional who is not directly involved with the project.